Music Education

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About the Program

The Music Education Program at San José State University's School of Music and Dance has been noted for its outstanding preparation of music teachers. With newly revised undergraduate and graduate degrees in music education, SJSU brings teachers, performers, and scholars into the 21st century through the proven use of best practices in music education, complemented with innovative practices and adoption of new technologies. SJSU music education graduates are leaders in music education throughout the state of California and the country. They have successful programs, serve in leadership positions, and pass on the love of music and music education to others.

Music education students perform in all music ensembles. One of the unique aspects of our ensembles and program is the emphasis placed on the importance of performance and musicianship. Methods and conducting courses are all taught by expert practitioners, artist-teachers, and music education faculty.

Music Education Workshop Ensemble

MEWE is a specially designed ensemble for the music education major that prepares students for a career in teaching. Students develop a secondary instrument and are exposed to appropriate literature for middle and high school ensembles. Each year, MEWE focuses on one specific ensemble from concert band, string orchestra, jazz band, and choir.


California Music Project

The California Music Project and San José State University have partnered to provide music education fellowships to music education students who work for eight to ten hours per week within local public schools. Current teachers and administrators apply to participate, and a graduate assistant and the music education coordinator supervise fellows and provide support.  

Music ED Blog

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Bachelor of Music in music education prepare me to do?

The BM in Music Education is a four-year professional degree that prepares you to teach in the public school system.

What is the credential program?

The credential program is a fifth year of study that follows the BM. You must complete this program to receive a California teaching credential, which is required in order to teach in California public schools.

What sort of music will I be able to teach with a credential?

Any music, K-12. The SJSU BM in Music Education comprehensively prepares you by means of fundamentals courses in all instruments as well as voice, pedagogy, and pre-professional experience.

Are there scholarships for music education students?

Yes; music education students are eligible for all music scholarships. All music students who participate in the Spartan Marching Band are eligible to receive $700 annually. Also, through the San José Music Project, a select number of fellowships each are awarded annually to music education students to work in schools surrounding the university. Along with this project, competitive graduate assistantships are awarded to Master of Arts students in music education.