Harry Partch

Harry Partch Special Collection

     Once upon a time

     There was a little boy

     And he went outside

The Harry Partch Special Collection at San José State University contains a complete collection of autographed scores of Harry Partch, perhaps America's most original and iconoclastic composer. The past several years have witnessed increased activity from composers and performers interested in working beyond the walls of twelve-tone equal temperament. Technology, and perhaps a more sensitized community triggered by access to global music, is now providing musical artists with the interest and the means to disturb the patrimony of standardization that Partch originally challenged over seventy-two years ago. In honor of and in tribute to Harry Partch, this page is intended to serve as a research resource for his work and an invitation to others to take a step outside. 

Score Excerpts

Delusion of the Fury (196 K graphic)

The Partch Collection of Instruments

The Zymo-Xyl (126 graphic)

The Chromelodeon (151 K graphic)

Other Assorted Instruments (68 K graphic)


Anyone having materials or information relevant to this collection is invited to contact The Harry Partch Project in care of:

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