Financial Aid/Scholarship

We are pleased to offer a limited amount of financial aid to our 2016 camp.

Campers are welcome to apply for a scholarship to our camp. If you are interested in financial aid please download the form here. Once the form is complete please e-mail it to the camp at or mail it to us, and we will review the application for consideration. Incomplete financial aid applications will not be considered.

The camp also provides scholarships for students who were members of their district, county, or state honor band or choir. You may receive a scholarship letter identifying the amount of the scholarship. If orchestra, you do not receive a letter. Please include proof that you participated in the honor ensemble (a copy of the program or a letter from your teacher). Honor band and choir scholarships average $50 per ensemble in which the student participated.

We also suggest contacting your school booster programs, local businesses, family, and friends for additional funding opportunities.