Faculty & Staff by Area

Performing Ensembles

Dr. David Vickerman - Director of Bands (Email)

Dr. Jeffrey Benson - Director of Choral Activities (Email)

Craig McKenzie - Director of Spartan Marching Band (Email)

Dr. Sarah Jones-Hayes - Orchestra (Email)

Dr. Fred Cohen - Orchestra (Email)

Dr. Aaron Lington - Jazz Orchestra (Email)

Music Education

Dr. Diana Hollinger  - Area Coordinator (Email)

Dr. Kara Ireland D’Ambrosio - Elementary Music (Email)

Dr. Jeffrey Benson - Director of Choral Activities (Email)

Mr. Abi Romero Ramirez - Music in Latin American Cultures (Email)

Dr. Cheryl Anderson - Teaching Supervision (Email)

Mr. Paul Yonemura - Teaching Supervision

Mr. Lou de la Rosa - Choral Music Education


Tom Hornig - Area Coordinator, Trombone, Euphonium (Email)

Forrest Byram - Tuba (Email)

John Freeman - Trumpet (Email)

Caitlyn Smith Franklin - Horn (Email)

Music Systems & Theory

Dr. Brian Belet - Area Coordinator, Undergrad Advisor (BA Music) (Email)

Dr. Pablo Furman - Composition (Email)

Dr. Maurico Rodriguez (Email)

Dr. Tatev Amiryan (Email)

Dr. Victoria Lington - Keyboard, Music Systems (Email)

Peter Block (Email)

Tom Langan (Email)


Dr. Pablo Furman - Area Coordinator (Email)

Dr. Brian Belet - Music Systems & Theory (Email)

Stephen Vasiliou - Recording (Email)


Galen Lemmon - Area Coordinator (Email)


Dr. Gordon Haramaki - Area Coordinator, Graduate Advisor (Email)

Dr. Robin Sacolick - Global Music (Email)

Dr. Fred Cohen (Email)

Paul Ellison


Dr. Sarah Jones-Hayes Area Coordinator, Violin and Viola, Undergraduate Advisor (Email)

Peter Gelfand - Cello (Email)

Bruce Moyer - Bass (Email)

Steven Lin  Guitar Ensemble, Guitar (Email)

Jazz Studies

Dr. Aaron Lington - Area Coordinator, saxophone (Email)

Jeff Lewis - Trumpet & Latin Jazz (Email)

Dahveed Behroozi - Piano (Email)

Dan Robbins - Bass (Email)

Jon Dryden - Keyboard (Email)

Jason Lewis - Drumset (Email)

Rick Vandivier - Guitar (Email)

Vocal Performance

Dr. Jeffrey Benson - Director of Choral Activities (Email)

Joseph Frank - Tenor (Email)

Sandra Bengochea - Soprano (Email)

Christopher Bengochea - Tenor

Jennifer Mitchell - Soprano

Jacque Scharlach - Mezzo

Jonathan Smucker - Tenor


Keyboard Studies

Dr. Gwendolyn Mok - Area Coordinator (Email)

Dr. Namiq Sultanov (Email)

Dr. Frank Levy (Email)

Sharon Brook - Piano, Staff Accompanist (Email)

Dr. Victoria Lington - Piano, Staff Accompanist (Email)

David Stein - Staff Accompanist (Email)


Dr. Janet Averett - Area Coordinator, Clarinet (Email)

Catherine Payne - Flute (Email)

Jesse Barrett - Oboe (Email)

Dr. Yueh Chou - Bassoon (Email)

Dr. Michael Hernandez - Saxophone (Email)



Dr. Fred Cohen - Director, School of Music and Dance

Ernie Martinez - Piano Technician

Renne McClintick - Project Analyst

Liza Rentschler - Scheduling Analyst

Paul Olivo - Resource Center Librarian

Lucy Yamakawa-Cox - Financial Analyst