Faculty & Staff by Area


Performing Ensembles

Dr. Edward Harris- Director of Bands

Dr. Jeffrey Benson - Director of Choral Activities

Scott Pierson-Director of Spartan Marching Band

Paul Herrera- Symphonic Band Conductor

Music Education

Dr. Diana Hollinger  - Area Coordinator. Undergraduate Coordinator

Dr.Kara Ireland D’Ambrosio - (elementary music)

Dale Wolford - (instrumental music)

Dr. Jeffrey Benson - Director of Choral Activities


Dr. Kathryn James Adduci - Area Coordinator (trumpet)

Kevin Rivard (french horn)

Tom Hornig (trombone, euphonium)

Forrest Byram (tuba)

Music Systems & Theory

Dr. Brian Belet - Area Coordinator

Dr. Pablo Furman  (composition)

Dr. Michael Adduci

Dr. Fred Cohen

Dr. Victoria Lington


Dr. Pablo Furman - Area Coordinator

Dr. Brian Belet  (music systems & theory)

Dr. Fred Cohen

Hagé van Dijk  (recording)


Galen Lemmon - Area Coordinator


Dr. Gordon Haramaki - Area Coordinator, Graduate Coordinator

Dr. William Meredith - Beethoven Center Director

Dr. Fred Cohen


Bruce Moyer - Area Coordinator (bass)

Diane Nicholeris (violin)

Peter Gelfand (cello)

Steven Lin  Guitar Ensemble (guitar)

Karen Kirk Thielen  (harp)

Jazz Studies

Dr. Aaron Lington  - Area Coordinator  (saxophone)

Jeff Lewis  (trumpet & Latin Jazz)

Scott Whitfield (trombone)

Dahveed Behroozi (piano)

Jason Lewis  (drumset)

John Shifflett  (bass)

Rick Vandivier  (guitar)

Vocal Performance

Layna Chianakas  - Area Coordinator (mezzo-soprano)

Joseph Frank - (tenor)

Sandra Bengochea

Julie Kierstine - voice 

Dr. Jeffrey Benson - Director of Choral Activities

Keyboard Studies

Dr. Gwendolyn Mok - Area Coordinator

Sharon Brook  (piano and staff accompanist)

Dr. Victoria Lington  (piano and staff accompanist)

Dr. Namiq Sultanov  (piano)

Dr. Frank Levy

David Stein (piano and staff accompanist)



Dr. Janet Averett - Area Coordinator (clarinet)

Catherine Payne  (flute)

Dr. Michael Adduci  (oboe and English horn)

Dr. Yueh Chou  (bassoon)

Dale Wolford (saxophone)



Dr. Fred Cohen - Director, School of Music and Dance

Ernie Martinez - Piano Technician

Anita McClintick - Administrative Analyst and Office Manager

Paul Olivo - Resource Center Librarian

Scott Pierson - Director of Spartan Marching Band

Lucy Yamakawa-Cox - Financial Analyst