Hage Van Dijk

Hage Van Hijk Office: MUS 227
Phone: (408) 924-4652

Professor Hagé van Dijk is the Recording Techniques Professor. He teaches the Recording Arts and Music Production classes. He first taught Recording at SJSU in 1990 and 1997 before joining again in 2009. Hagé studied with Professor Allan Strange and Dr. Dan Wyman before starting a career mixing audio for American Musical Theater of San Jose. As a sound engineer and technician he works with many south-bay arts organizations and venues including Symphony Silicon Valley, Ballet San Jose, Team San Jose, The California Theater, The Civic Theater, Shoreline Amphitheater, and the Center for the Performing Arts. Hage is currently a successful audio engineer working in silicon valley. His work is appreciated by millions regularly through its inclusion in popular electronic devices and computers.