Below are various sponsored scholarships offered each year by the School of Music and Dance for Music Majors. 

Claude E. and Alberta D. Walker

The Keyboard Studies program in the School of Music and Dance has received a significant gift from the estate of Claude and Alberta Walker to provide scholarships for graduate and upper division (junior and senior) undergraduate Music Majors. Recipients of the scholarship will be presented each year in a special Listening Hour Concert.

Claude Walker received a degree in physics and worked at Cal Tech and Hughes Electronics. Alberta Walker, who had degrees in nursing and sociology, taught at Pasadena City College and the University of Southern California. The Walkers visited San José State University in 1998 and ‘fell in love’ with the campus, and when they were planning their estate, “SJSU came up smelling like a rose.” In fall 2009, funds from their generous gift became available to the School of Music and Dance to be awarded to qualified candidates.

A separate application for the Claude and Alberta Walker Scholarship (PDF format) must be filled out, and the applicant must audition in person for the scholarship on a specified date. The Audition Committee will determine the amount of each award after the auditions, which normally take place in the first week of Spring term. 

Marijane Adams E.L. & William Endowment

Annually during the spring semester, applicants will be nominated and selected by the review committee. Applicants must be declared majors in some area of music, instrumentalists preferred. Students must be fully matriculated with a minimum of 6 units and GPA of 2.5 or above.

Stella Berboth Scholarship Endowment

For a deserving Music Major in the School of Music and Dance.

Beverly Arnerich Compton Endowment

To promote, assist, and encourage talented students in the pursuit of musical profession to be awarded in fall and spring to advance talented students who have applied for or have been admitted to SJSU as a music major (3.0 GPA), full academic load (12 units) minimum each semester.

Betty Barbour Dexter

Full tuition to a gifted cellist of exceptional professional promise.

Thomas Eagan - Phi Mu Alpha Endowment

To be awarded to Music Majors  with a minimum of 12 semester units and in good standing. To encourage development in knowledge and skills in music.

Cristina Estabrook Endowment

Awarded to students with outstanding pianistic ability and interest in choral accompaniment and the ability to work with other people.

Jeanne Garson Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Applicants must be voice majors in the School of Music and Dance with preference for graduate students. The scholarship may be awarded to a student for more than one year.

John B. Gustavson Endowment

Award annually to a stringed instrument performer (a harpist preferred) sophomore-to-senior with overall GPA greater than or equal to 3.0.

H. Brent and Barbara Heisinger Endowment

A general scholarship awarded to one or more music students.

Hazel I. Kimzey Endowment

Annual income to be awarded to any worthy needy student.

George Lynch Endowment

To be awarded to a student who is a trombone major -- if not available, award to a qualified string bass major.

Marta Morgan Music Endowment

Junior majoring in music.

Music Joy Fund Endowment

The purpose of this fund is to support the presence of classical music in public schools. The School of Music and Dance shall specify the use of the funds annually according to the guidelines provided by the donor.

Music Scholarships Endowment

To be awarded to student in the School of Music and Dance.

Opera Workshop Endowment

For students who exhibit potential for a career in opera - junior or senior or graduate students who are fully matriculated students in the vocal music program at SJSU.

Eva Thompson Phillips Endowment

To be awarded to students majoring in music.

Frances Robinson - String Instrument Endowment

To go to a freshman or transfer student who plays a string instrument with great talent and who demonstrates financial need.

Eva Schock Endowment

To go to a deserving student majoring in music.

Lois King Thore Music Scholarship Endowment

To be given annually to students in the field of music. Must be at least half time, fully matriculated, graduate or undergraduate.

Frank Triena Endowment

Freshmen or transfer students based on talent and financial need. Violin or viola student pay half fall, half spring.

Gibson Walters Endowment

To be awarded to advanced, talented students in violin and/or viola-musical major with 3.0 GPA taking 12 or more units.