Frosh Orientation Disability Accommodations

Accommodations for Students

Students attending an Orientation Session who need sign language interpreters or other accommodations should contact the Accessible Education Center (AEC) at 408-924-6000 as soon as possible or at least two weeks prior to attending your Orientation Session. Please note that this event is wheelchair accessible; however, wheelchairs are not provided by San José State University.

If you would like to speak with a Frosh Orientation Professional Staff member prior to your orientation session, please feel free to contact us at 408-924-5972 or via email at

Academic Advising

Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the Accessible Education Center (AEC), formerly the Disability Resource Center, at 408-924-6000 (Voice) or 408-924-5990 (TTY) to schedule an academic advising appointment. AEC's academic advising program reflects the University's advising practices; however, AEC's Academic Advising Coordinator also considers disability-related factors when making course scheduling and selection recommendations.

It is preferable to meet with the AEC's Academic Advisor prior to attending your specific Orientation Session. For more information about the AEC or to learn about AEC's student registration process, visit the Accessibility Education Center.

Placement Exam Accommodations Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I need to take the EPT and ELM with accommodations due to my disability. How do I request test accommodations? When do I need to request accommodations?

A: Students who require accommodations for the EPT and/or ELM examinations must submit the appropriate documentation to the Accessible Education Center (AEC) and schedule to meet with a AEC counselor to determine eligibility and prescribe test accommodations at least one month prior to the EPT and ELM test date. (EPT and ELM registration deadlines are available at Contact the AEC at 408-924-6000 to schedule an appointment. When calling make sure to determine eligibility for appropriate accommodations for the EPT and/or ELM exam.

Q: What if I missed the EPT/ELM accommodation deadline?

A: Students who wish to request EPT and/or ELM accommodations yet have missed the deadline to request accommodations are invited to contact the Accessible Education Center at 408-924-6000 to discuss available options. Student request will be determined on a case-by-case basis and space availability.

Q: What is appropriate disability documentation?

A: Information about what constitutes appropriate disability documentation within the postsecondary setting is available on AEC’s website under Guidelines for Disability Documentation.   Once you have determined your documentation needs, print the appropriate verification form (i.e Learning Disability, Medical Disability, Ophthalmological, and Psychological Disability) to be completed by your treating professional. Documentation can be presented to the AEC through one of the following methods:

  • Confidential Fax: 408-924-5999
  • In person: The AEC is located in the Administration Building, room 110.
  • Mail: Accessible Education Center, San José State University, One Washington Square, San José, CA 95192-0168.

Students are responsible for making an appointment with an AEC counselor to discuss EPT and/or ELM accommodations. AEC recommends submitting documentation prior to your scheduled appointment as this will allow the counselor time to review the information and prepare