Parents and Families

Mom and daughter at graduation

Families Matter at San Jose State!

Welcome to the Spartan Family! We are happy to have you as part of the San Jose State community and want to help you feel more connected to campus and understand your vital role in supporting your student.

Studies show that students with a great support system perform better in college and are more likely to earn a degree. We want you to be the best support for your student and are building a program to provide information, resources, and ways for you to connect with SJSU.

Parent and Family Weekend is just one of many ways you can stay connected, please click here to find photos from this year's event!

Your Freshman has Mail

Did you write a letter to your student while attending orientation this past summer? If so, your student has mail! Please let your student know they may pick up their letter at the Student Services Center and advise them to ask for the New Student and Family Programs office 537.

Parent/Family of the Year Award

Honoring an outstanding Parent/Family reminds the SJSU community that families are an essential part of the support network for our students. Students were asked to nominate their parents/family members answering a series of questions that pertain to the qualities, values and the impact their families have on their success. This year we honored the Garcia Family, Adriana Garcia, as the Family of the Year Award recipient, along with the top 3 nominees; Dejon Packer, Zane Samarasinghe and Trisha Nguyen at this year's Parent and Family Weekend. Please see below.

2019 Parent/Family of the Year Award Winner, the Garcia Family

2019 Parent/Family of the Year Award Winner, Garcia Family"My parents and sister have inspired me to succeed at SJSU so I can do something with my life and actually establish a career I enjoy doing. With the success at SJSU I am hoping that I make my parents proud each and everyday. I want to give my parents a better life and that is possible by me earning this degree and giving back to them in anyway that I can." 

- Adriana Garcia, Junior


2019 Parent/Family of the Year Award Honorary Nominees

Dejon Packer, Junior, majoring in Public Health and a member of our Spartan Football team, spoke highly of his mother, sharing the following. "She is a very strong and motivated women who raised me on her own and always made sure we had a roof over our head and food on the table. Being a single mother isn't easy but she made it look easy and I don't know how she did it but she did without very complaining."

Trisha Nguyen, Freshman and majoring in Biological Science/Molecular Biology, honoring her mother with the following words. "She has always encouraged me to go beyond the limit. She also spends most of her days assisting me in my classes and strengthening the idea that even though I have a physical disability, with a bit of assistance, anything is possible."

Zane Samarasinghe, Junior and a Child and Adolescent Development- Preparation for Teaching shares his mother's passion for education. "My mother's hard patience, drive, and persistence have been the framework for my pursuit of becoming a teacher. These values have helped me achieve great things within San Jose State's College of Education, such as earning a scholarship at their annual Celebration of Teaching, as well as becoming a Leader of Lurie."

Parent and Family Sparta Camp Program 

We welcome parents and family members to attend Sparta Camp to learn more about SJSU and how you can play a supportive role in helping your student succeed. Parent/Family Orientation takes place concurrently with day one of Sparta Camp. Parents and Family members interested in attending should register and pay by the deadline which is one week prior to your students Sparta Camp session date. Interested in learning more? Visit our Parent and Family Frosh Orientation Program page.

Stay Connected!

Stay connected with us throughout the school year by signing up for our SJSU Parent and Family Portal! The portal will provide you with newsletters, informative posts and allow you to join communities to help you stay informed about what's happening at SJSU and more!