Parent & Family Tips

Orientation Tips

  1. Many students view college as a step towards a new found independence. Establish levels of trust and boundaries with your student. Guide them to the answers instead of giving them the answers. 

  2. Ensure your student has submitted their Intent to Enroll, registered for a Sparta Camp Session Date, and paid their Enrollment Deposit. This can be completed at

  3. If you are interested in attending Sparta Camp with your student, please register and pay through your student's next steps portal. 

  4. Ensure your student has completed the Spartan Link online orientation component prior to attending their Sparta Camp Session.

  5. Openly discuss the financial situation and expectations with your student.

  6. Understand that every student has a unique experience in college. Be prepared to deal with both your student's emotions and your own emotions as they enter a new stage in their life.

  7. Discuss priority of family, work, and school responsibilities.

First Semester Tips

  1. Don't change anything major at home while your student is away without letting them know. Your student may want to be involved with home matters as much as parents want to be informed on school matters.

  2. This is a whole new experience so encourage your student to take advantage of the many available on-campus resources.

  3. Discuss what may potentially happen in college social situations, (e.g.: alcohol use at parties) and other lifestyle choices they may be exposed to. Avoid lecturing and share your experiences.

  4. Encourage your student to set realistic academic, work, and extracurricular goals. Students should meet with an academic advisor at the beginning of each semester so that they can prepare a balanced, prioritized plan with achievable goals.

  5. Keep in touch with your student. Establish early on how often and what lines of communication are to be used. Send care packages to remind them of home.

  6. Stay involved with your student's new college experience. Learn about the SJSU campus so that you can offer resource ideas.