Student and Family Resources

Learn about various resources at San Jose State University and how they can help you navigate your college experience.

2:50 - Student Health Center
8:10 - Accessible Education Center
13:00 - Counseling & Psychological Services
18:20 - Student Conduct & Ethical Development
20:50 - Title IX
25:10 - Case Management

34:15 - Registrar's Office
38:50 - Financial Aid & Scholarships
43:00 - Bursar's Services
48:30 - Dining/Spartan Shops
54:25 - Housing Housing Servic

Keeping Student Healthy Panel Presentation

Learn about various departments on campus that cover information on keeping your students safe and healthy. Departments include the Accessible Education Center, Counseling & Psychological Services, Case Management, Title IX, and Wellness & Health Promotions. 

Student Services Panel Presentation

Learn about various services on campus that include Bursar Services, Dining/Spartan Shops, Financial Aid & Scholarships, Housing, Registar's Office, and the University Police Department. 

Fall 2017 General Advising Presentation

Get an overview of General Education requirments, advising resources, and academic success strategies. 

Get Connected With SJSU Staff

SJSU considers parents and family members partners in providing the best education experience for students. Let us welcome you to our new partnership and give you information about resources available to support you and your student’s transition to campus.

Please read the Fall 2017 | Steps to Enrollment for Freshmen for more detailed information.