Department Mission

The Department mission statement embodies our goals for our students and outlines our philosophy, which is in line with the overall mission of the University.

The Department of Nutrition, Food Science, and Packaging at San José State University offers curricula and professional development for students pursuing careers as nutritionists, dietitians, foodservice professionals, environmental health specialists, and packaging technologists. Employment occurs in community settings, educational institutions, hospitals, foodservice establishments, government agencies, business and industry. Upon completion of the curricula, students are prepared to pursue professional positions, post baccalaureate internships or various advanced degrees.

The Department is committed to providing its majors with multi-cultural perspectives, where students, faculty, and staff gain from an environment rich in diversity. Ethics, critical thinking, and strong communication skills are stressed. In addition, the Department offers General Education courses that provide a fundamental understanding of science, nutrition and food to non-majors enrolled at San José State University.

The Department’s programs emphasize theory, as well as the application of, theoretical knowledge and technology. This is accomplished through research in the community as well as in the laboratory. Involvement in professional supervised practice and community activities strengthens the application of the theoretical knowledge. Faculty research is encouraged to support teaching and professional development.