Nutrition & Food Science Club

Club is OPEN to ALL students interested in health and wellness!

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Membership Fees

Club Benefits

  • Free entrance to club meetings and outings
  • Free Club T-shirt with membership (limited)
  • Discount on Department convocation (graduation ceremony) tickets
  • Discount on lab coats and club gear
  • Eligibility for scholarships!
  • Receive quarterly newsletter
  • Club involvement enhances your resume
  • Opportunity to get to know Department faculty better to ensure strong letters of references
  • Opportunity to connect with professional organizations (e.g. Silicon Valley Dietetics Association, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics)

NUFS Club Events

  • Professional speaker meetings
  • Community service projects
  • Fundraisers (raise funds for convocation, scholarships, graduation/department gifts, etc.)
  • Spartapolooza
  • Fire on the Fountain
  • Admitted Spartan Day
  • National Food Day
  • Department convocation
  • NUFS Club Social Events
      • Department social
      • Potlucks
      • Empty Bowls
      • Pumpkin carving

Leadership Opportunities

Being a club officer will give you the opportunity to get more involved in your field of study, let you meet a lot of people, give you a chance to learn more, give you a chance to network, help you develop leadership skills, and it looks really good on your resume. Another benefit of becoming an officer is that you will earn one course unit (or two units as the President) per semester (enroll in NUFS 180). These units can be applied toward nutrition electives! However, only a total of four units can count towards a B.S. degree.

NUFS Student Club Officers & Duties

Email to apply for OPEN POSITIONS.


  • Current President: Jessica Gutierrez
  • Preside over all meetings and any executive committee meetings
  • Act as a liaison between the faculty and the club
  • Delegate authority to other officers
  • Monitor club activities and events
  • Along with the treasurer, get the name changed for check signing at the bank
  • Participate in the Alcohol Awareness Education Training required by SJSU

Vice-Presidents of Dietetics and Food Service

  • Current VP of Dietetics: Rachael Hung
  • Current VP of Food Service: OPEN POSITION
  • Organize fundraising events and recruiting volunteers for these events
  • Carry out duties assigned by the president
  • Preside over meetings in the absence of the president


  • Current Secretary: Iris Tablas Mejia
  • Keep record of attendance and minutes of all meetings
  • Maintain the internship file
  • Maintain all official records for the club
  • Maintain a list of volunteers at all fundraising activities, which is then given to the newsletter editor for publication


  • Current Treasurer: Sabine Mooney
  • Collect dues of members
  • Maintain member address and phone list
  • Maintain all receipts
  • Make all disbursements for the club
  • Maintain accurate records of all financial transactions
  • Participate in the Alcohol Awareness Education Training required by SJSU

Newsletter Editor

  • Current Newsletter Editor: Stephanie Lee
  • Compose and editing a monthly newsletter
  • Make copies of the newsletter
  • Disburse the newsletter to members

Public Relations Chair

  • Current PR Chair: Tannaz Vandaie
  • Create flyers and/or posters for upcoming events
  • Coordinate with the Professional Development Coordinator, and other officers with dates of events
  • Print, distribute, and advertisement of flyers
  • Work with the historian regarding the glass cases and Facebook account
  • Work closely with the professional development coordinator, historian, public relations officer, and community service chairperson to encourage member involvement and Club outreach.

Professional Development Coordinator

  • Current Professional Development Coordinator: Lorena Cuan
  • Arrange for speakers at various meetings
  • Send thank you notes to speakers
  • Delegate officers to provide snacks at meetings

Community Service Chairperson

  • Current Community Service Chairperson: Carolina Romero
  • Collect information regarding volunteer opportunities
  • Establish and coordinate dates and locations for Club volunteer trips
  • Advertise to the department regarding trips and opportunities
  • Co-run the smart cart with the fundraising coordinator
  • Work closely with the professional development coordinator, historian, and public relations officer to encourage member involvement and Club outreach.


  • Current Historian: Tannaz Vandaie
  • Take pictures of all events
  • Record these events in a club scrap book
  • Use the club display window to create interest in the club
  • Contribute time to helping with advertisement of upcoming events and activities

Fundraising Coordinator

  • Current Fundraising Coordinator: Madison Young
  • Committee Members: OPEN POSITION
  • Purchase and organizes the food to be sold
  • Acquire volunteers for the Smart Cart
  • Collect and counts all of the money to be given to the treasurer
  • Coordinate other semester events when appropriate

Convocation Co-Chairs (2 positions)

  • Current Convocation Co-Chairs: Ashley Chang and Ashley Reinke
  • Reserve an area for graduation ceremony activities
  • Maintain a list of graduates who will be attending
  • Help to organize the ceremony
  • Help to oversee the convocation committee

Student Representatives to Professional Organizations

  • CAND/SVD Representative (State/Regional Dietetic Associations): Jensen Omega
  • IFT Representative (Institute of Food Technologists)
  • ICSC Representative (Intercultural Steering Committee)
  • HEIB Representative (Home Economics in Business)
  • Inter-Organizational Council Representative
  • Student Affairs Committee Representative: Jensen Omega
  • Attend any meetings corresponding to their position
  • Find out when/where the meetings are being held
  • Report back to the Club, including a summary of the meeting and a copy for the newsletter

All Officers

  • Are expected to:
    • Attend monthly officers meetings in person or via Skype
    • Aid in and attend the annual fall Welcome Social.
    • Attend monthly member meetings
    • Be independent initiators
    • Open study room for 2 hours a week
  • Any officer may attend the annual Fall Student Organization Leadership Conference and report back to the Club