BS Nutritional Science with a Specialization

SJSU Course requirements of BS in Nutritional Science with a Specialization

1. Environmental Food and Health Specialization 

Advising & Four-Year Plan Form for Environmental Food and Health (Link to Forms page)

2. Food Management Specialization 

Advising & Four-Year Plan Form for Food Management (Link to Forms page)

3. Nutrition Education Specialization 

Advising & Four-Year Plan Form for Nutrition Education (Link to Forms page)

4. Nutrition Science Specialization 

Advising & Four-Year Plan Form for Nutrition Science (Link to Forms page)

5. Sports Nutrition Specialization

Advising & Four-Year Plan Form for Sports Nutrition (Link to Forms page)

Note: Students who do not choose a specialization must meet with a faculty advisor to generate a personal four-year program. These academic plans do not meet the requirements of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate basic food preparation skills and food sanitation practices1, 2
  • Practice professional ethics at all times
  • Minimum of 6 case studies and two lab reports will be completed by students in at least five different courses
  • Demonstrate appropriate laboratory skills and an understanding of scientific research methodology
  • Participate in community/professional organizations a part of at least three courses
  • Describe nutritional needs in health and disease throughout the life cycle
  • Assess health status and plan diets for groups and individuals in health and disease5
  • Incorporate computer literacy in professional activities
  • Apply the principles of food production, delivery and service, procurement, finance, and human resource management2
  • Exhibit qualities of leadership, as well as skills in collaboration and negotiation, as a team member
  • Apply basic organization and management skills
  • Apply knowledge of government and business to explain public policy, promote good nutrition and to advocate for consumers on nutrition issues
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the scientific basis of nutrition, food science, and foodservice for entry level professionals2, 3, 4
  • Practice with regard for environmental issues related to food
  • Communicate and educate effectively, to different ethnic groups and/or individuals, through writing, counseling, consulting and oral presentations3

Note: Numbers at end of Program Learning Outcomes correspond to numbered specializations above.