BS in Nutritional Science

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Nutritional Science program offers two Concentrations or a general BS degree in Nutritional Science with no Concentration but with a Specialization:

  1. BS in Nutritional Science with Concentration in Dietetics
  2. BS - Concentration in Packaging
  3. BS in Nutritional Science (no Concentration) with a Specialization
    1. Environmental Food and Health Specialization
    2. Food Management Specialization
    3. Nutrition Education Specialization
    4. Nutrition Science Specialization
    5. Sports Nutrition Specialization

Impaction for Change of Major or Minor to NUFS & PKG

The term "impaction" is used to refer to the circumstance in which the number of students applying to a campus or department exceeds the available spaces and an enrollment limit is in effect. Various selection criteria are then employed when processing students for admission. There is an enrollment limit in effect for the Nutritional Science majors and minors. The current selection criteria and instructions can be found below.

Application instructions for changing to NUFS & PKG Major (Link to Forms page)

Application instructions for changing to/adding NUFS & PKG Minor (Link to Forms page)

Prerequisite Tests for Undergraduates

There are a series of prerequisite tests, depending on the enrollment status, that students are required to take before entering specific classes. A current issue of SJSU Schedule of Classes provides test dates and more information about the following tests:

Writing Skills Test (WST)

The WST is required of all students. A high designated score allows a waiver of the class. WST is a prerequisite for NUFS 106A, NUFS 135 and all advanced GE courses, especially HPrf 100W. Therefore, it is recommended that the WST is taken early in the student's enrollment at SJSU.For more information, go to SJSU Testing Center

English Placement Test (EPT) and Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) Exam

The EPT is required of students who have not completed Engl 001A with a C or better, have scores that do not meet the designated SATs, ACTs, or ACTEs, or have not been admitted with 56 semester units or more (see the Schedule of Classes for all the details).

The ELM is required of students who have not completed a college math course that meets the GE math requirements with a C or better, who are not graduates, or have scores that do not meet the designated ACTs, ACTEs, or other placements tests (see the Schedule of Classes for all the details).

For more information, and to register on-line for the EPT and ELM tests, go to SJSU Testing Center