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The first question students usually have when investigating a degree program is what are the courses required for graduation. That is why we have listed below the required courses for a BS in Nutrition, Food Science and Packaging. With this degree you are eligible to apply for career positions of Packaging Engineer, Packaging Technologist and any other positions requiring a BS in Packaging. Please check out job sites like Indeed.com and Linkedin.com to get an idea of the variety of careers and companies hire for packaging skills.

Packaging Major Forms

Four-Year Plan
Packaging Advising Form
SJSU Packaging Brochure 

Required Background Courses

Class Code Description Units
Chem 30A, B ORChem 1A, 30B ORChem 1A, B Intro to Chemistry 6-13
PHYS 2A Fundamentals of Physics 4
BUS 100W
Writing Workshop 3
Stat 95 OR
HS 67
Statistics 3
MATH 70 Finite Math 3
MATH 71 Calculus for Business/Aviation 3
AsPC 101 Computer Applications 3
NuFS 20 OR
Micr 20
Sanitation & Environmental Issues Bacteriology 3


Required Major Program Courses

Class Code Description Units
PKG 107 Principles of Packaging 3
PGK 141A Packaging Materials I 3
PKG 141B Packaging Materials II 3
PKG 146 Medical Device and Drug Packaging 3
PKG 156 Packaging Machinery Systems 3
PKG 158 Protective Package Design and Testing 3
PKG 159 Packaging Material Handling and Distribution 3
PKG 170 Packaging Development and Management 3


Required NuFS Courses

Class Code Description Units
NuFS 31 Professions in NuFS & Packaging 1
NuFS 103 Food Processing & Packaging I 3
NuFS 139 Hunger and Environmental Nutrition 3
NuFS 192 Field Experience NuFS/Packaging (4-6)


Technical Electives - Minimum 11 Units

Class Code Description Units
NuFS 21 Culinary Principles & Practices 3
NuFS 101A Food Science 3
NuFS 117 Food Evaluation Techniques 3
NuFS 118 Food Chemistry 3
NuFS 122 Chemical Analysis of Foods 3
NuFS 150 Food & Nutritional Toxicology 3
BUS 130 Intro to Marketing 3
DSID 129 Visualization III 3