Baccalaureate (BS)

The School of Nursing offers a program for women and men seeking a Bachelors of Science degree in nursing. The baccalaureate program prepares the individual for professional nursing practice in a variety of acute care and community settings and for continuing education and graduate studies.

Information about requirements & the BSN program application can be found at


In addition to University fees, there are additional expenses for  nursing students.  Nursing students will have transportation expenses (an automobile is almost always needed for clinical practicum courses at beginning levels, and is required in the senior levels), health insurance, uniforms and equipment.

NOTE: The California Nursing Students Association (CNSA) has an office in the Health Building where some supplies are sold. An example of costs includes CNSA/National dues optional ($40-$45/year), blood pressure cuff ($45) stethoscope ($65 & up), and bandage scissors ($7); prices are subject to change and are lower for CNSA members.

The cost for required textbooks for the 6 semesters is approximately $3200 if purchased as new books. However, textbook prices do change so this cost is only approximate. Used texts or ebook options may be available. Textbooks are available for purchase at the Spartan Bookstore, on campus or online.

See BSN information packet for details.

*Expenses noted are approximate and subject to change