Doctor of Nursing Practice Program at San Jose State University

Our Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is a post-master's degree program. We are using the best of the past to create the future of nursing, nursing education, and improve patient outcomes in Santa Clara County and throughout California. The SJSU DNP program is an online, 5 semester/23 month curriculum. Practicum experiences will be needed to meet the regulatory requirement of 1,000 post-Baccalaureate clinical hours.

Students considering the program should think about developing a practice-related quality improvement or evidence-based practice area of study for their DNP Project and should be prepared to discuss this in the admissions process and in interviews in order to begin project-related work in the first semester. Applicants who require assistance in formulating appropriate topics are encouraged to contact the Program Coordinators.

Online Info Sessions are held every spring, via Zoom meetings. For schedule and additional informaiton, contact

Contact Information

Program Co-Coordinators:

Ruth Rosenblum, DNP, RN, PNP-BC, CNS
Associate Professor
Michelle DeCoux Hampton, RN, PhD, MS
Associate Professor


Program Staff:
Maya Carlyle

Recruitment & Event Associate

General Inquires:
Fax Number: 408-924-3135

Mailing Address:
The Valley Foundation School of Nursing, DNP Program
1 Washington Square, HB420
San Jose, CA 95192-0057



Our mission is to prepare promising nursing leaders, advanced practice clinicians, and nursing faculty with high leadership potential to examine critically current healthcare practices and policies from a broad theoretical and practical perspective, and to formulate clinical, administrative, and instructionally effective leadership approaches that can improve the quality of healthcare throughout the state.



Our vision is to be an exceptional advanced nursing degree program that will prepare nurses at a doctoral level to lead health care change, serve as nursing faculty, and advance health throughout California's communities. Our graduates will serve as stewards of the nursing discipline and work collaboratively with other disciplines to improve the health care systems in our community. 


Oral Defenses 2017

The oral defenses for our 4th graduating DNP class of 2017 were held April 5th at Fresno State and April 7th at SJSU. The doctoral projects will soon be available on SJSU ScholarWorks.

DNP 2017 Oral Defense


Oral Defenses 2016

The oral defenses for our 3rd graduating DNP class of 2016 were held April 6th at Fresno State and April 8th at SJSU. The doctoral projects are now available on SJSU ScholarWorks

Oral Defenses  

Oral Defenses 2015

The oral defenses of our 2nd graduating DNP class of 2015 were held April 8th at Fresno State and April 10th at SJSU. The doctoral projects are now available on SJSU ScholarWorks.

DNP Class of 2015


Oral Defenses 2014

We were proud to host the oral defenses of our inaugural DNP Class of 2014. The doctoral projects are now available on SJSU ScholarWorks

Oral Defense 2014