RN to BS in Nursing, Bridge Program

The Valley Foundation School of Nursing provides the RN to BS in Nursing program for registered nurses to obtain a BS in Nursing and a 30-unit option for licensed vocational nurses to obtain a California RN license. If you are a nursing student at Evergreen Valley Community College, please see the "road-map" of courses provided below.

For all other registered nurses or licensed vocational nurses, please see the specific links below for specific information regarding these programs.

For additional information please contact Dr. Deepika Goyal

University applications are closed for the next Bridge Class: Fall 2016. To apply for the Spring and Fall 2017 Semesters, please attend an information session for more details. See dates for advising sessions under "RN to BSN" below.



RN to BSN Advising Sessions

Click this link to be taken to the RN to BSN Group Advising Sessions.