Prospective Students

The Valley Foundation School of Nursing offers degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate level. The Undergraduate programs include a Bachelor's degree in nursing and an Advanced Placement Program (Bridge) for RN's and LVN's. The Graduate Programs include a Masters of Science degree, a Post-Masters Nurse Educator certificate, and a Doctorate in Nursing Practice.

Nursing is an impacted major at SJSU. This means that all new freshmen and transfer students need to satisfy supplemental criteria. Refer to the "BS Information Packet" on this page.

STUDENTS WHO WANT TO CHANGE TO THE PRE-NURSING MAJOR should contact the University Advising Office (AARS) in the University Student Services Center.


***New For those applying in Spring 2017 for possible Fall 2017 → Nursing BSN Applicants (Important Information)*** 

For students who are either ongoing SJSU students or planning to apply to nursing, you have a separate nursing application. The UNIV closes for Fall 2017 student transfers on the site, NOV 30, 2016. For Freshmen applying, you also go to and apply in OCT/NOV for a potential Fall 2017 start)- Freshman have several semesters of prerequisites and other tests (eg. TEAS and WST exams) to complete before applying to the nursing major. If a prior Baccalaureate Student, then you should apply under that designation; the rest of transfers who have completed all 8 prereqs by FEB 2017 and other nursing requirements, apply as "Undeclared prenursing" (Degree major designation will be "none"). You will still always need to apply to the nursing program separately.

Please read the BS Information Packet and look at the Advising Slides by clicking links below. All information for applying to Nursing for Fall 2017 will be available here late Jan 2017 on the Nursing website (if all requirements have been met and completed); in late Jan, 2017, apply to (our outside vendor that processes nursing applications) for a Fall 2017 potential start (only if already at the university or applying to in OCT/NOV. 

We are now using an online vendor, for all applications to nursing. The NursingCAS application opens 1.28.17 and closes 2.15.17 at 8pm. We will allow students to take FEB 4th WST exam at SJSU (even though results may not be back to you by the time the application is due (APPLY regardless of WST results being completed, if you have done the exam prior to deadline) and prior to US Baccalaureate students are exempted from the WST test. The SJSU testing web site is where you register for FEB 2017 WST (or any of the TEAS tests). If your prerequisites do not show as equivalent on (under school to school), go to our webpage and under "forms" at the top of page, follow the electronic information for "Prerequisite substitution form" (PSF).

These PSFs are completed by you and sent electronically to a specific email address for review (do this now! Don't wait). Please separately scan in the course description for the PSF. Again, this is only for courses that do not show up as equivalent at California State Colleges/Univ. Our next 2-hr BSN group advising sessions are posted on the website (DEC 2nd and Jan 27th) and no reservation is needed.

Military members applying to BSN

Beginning January 1, 2017, US military veterans may receive priority selection for SJSU's nursing program. This includes those who have completed active duty, have an honorable discharge (DD214), and meet the minimum SJSU nursing program impaction criteria for admission. Two spaces in the nursing program will be held for military veterans per application cycle. After these two slots are filled, other applicants with prior service will be considered and ranked in the regular selection process. Documentation includes a DD214 form showing an applicant's honorable discharge. If the applicant's documentation has a different name from his/her current name, additional documentation such as a marriage/divorce certificate, legal name change notification, etc. is required. Students must apply separately to the University ( adhering to the University deadlines. See online application and the BS nursing student information packet (see links below).  

The Valley Foundation of School of Nursing at San Jose State University complies with California Board of Registered Nursing regulations (available @http://www/ and SB 466. This plan is designed for those with prior or current military medical/healthcare experience desiring awarding of credit for previous education or other acquired knowledge, including related military training. Student documentation is required and the School has specific deadlines for submission of documentation materials. Please see policy and procedure in the appedices of the Nursing Student Handbook for prelicensure students (available 

Thank you. Dr. Sue Malloy, Undergraduate Coordinator