Prospective Students

The Valley Foundation School of Nursing offers degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate level. The Undergraduate programs include a Bachelor's degree in nursing and an Advanced Placement Program (Bridge) for RN's and LVN's. The Graduate Programs include a Masters of Science degree, a Post-Masters Nurse Educator certificate, and a Doctorate in Nursing Practice.

Nursing is an impacted major at SJSU. This means that all new freshmen and transfer students need to satisfy supplemental criteria. Refer to the "BS Information Packet" on this page.

STUDENTS WHO WANT TO CHANGE TO THE PRE-NURSING MAJOR should contact the University Advising Office (AARS) in the University Student Services Center.


***New Spring 2017 Nursing BSN Applicants (Important Information)*** 

STUDENTS who are ongoing Matriculated SJSU students now, are eligible to apply to NursingCAS on TUES 8/30/16 - FRI 9/30/16 (see below).

We have been notified that the university is NOT accepting any Spring transfers except those with a prior Baccalaureate degree (called PBAC) or those who are already Registered Nurses (for the RN to BSN program). For those others who are not already attending SJSU this past Spring 2016, go to and apply in OCT/NOV for a potential Fall 2017 start. You will still always need to apply to the nursing program separately and all application information for Fall 2017 will be available in late Jan 2017 on the Nursing website (if all requirements met and completed); PBACs apply to (our outside vendor that processes nursing applications) for a Jan 2017 potential nursing start (only if already at the university or a PBAC student). The NursingCAS application opens 8.30.16 and closes 9.30.16. If your prerequisites do not show as equivalent on (under school to school), go to our webpage and under Forms, follow electronic information for “Prerequisite substitution form” (PSF). These PSFs are completed by you and sent electronically to a specific email address for review (Do this now! Don’t wait). Please separately scan in the course description for the PSF. Again, this is only for courses that do not show up as equivalent. Next 2-hr BSN group advising is posted on website and no reservation is needed. Thank you. - Dr Sue Malloy, Undergrad Coordinator