Prospective Students

The Valley Foundation School of Nursing offers degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate level. The Undergraduate programs include a Bachelor's degree in nursing and an Advanced Placement Program (Bridge) for RN's and LVN's. The Graduate Programs include a Masters of Science degree, a Post-Masters Nurse Educator certificate, and a Doctorate in Nursing Practice.

Nursing is an impacted major at SJSU. This means that all new freshmen and transfer students need to satisfy supplemental criteria. Refer to the " BS Information Packet" on this page.

STUDENTS WHO WANT TO CHANGE TO THE PRE-NURSING MAJOR should contact the University Advising Office (AARS) in the University Student Services Center.

Application Process for Fall 2016 

Feb 2016 deadline for online BSN applications- Students must be already at SJSU in Spring 2016 or have applied last OCT/NOV 2015 for as part of the multi-step University transfer student application process (Note: all transfers will be mandated to attend summer University transfer orientations in order to attend Fall 2016). All requirements must be met, all prerequisites for nursing must be completed by the application nursing dates. Please return to this web site mid-Jan. 2016 for directions to the online vendor application process. All applications will be due online, via vendor by FEB 15, 2016 (It is unlikely we will have the application open before late Jan, to avoid the start of the semester). Note: Feb 2016 WST exam completion will be allowed. Transcripts will be completed directly with the vendor and your Colleges/Universities attended. So no copies needed.