Prospective Students

The Valley Foundation School of Nursing offers degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate level. The Undergraduate programs include a Bachelor's degree in nursing and an Advanced Placement Program (Bridge) for RN's and LVN's. The Graduate Programs include a Masters of Science degree, a Post-Masters Nurse Educator certificate, and a Doctorate in Nursing Practice.

Nursing is an impacted major at SJSU. This means that all new freshmen and transfer students need to satisfy supplemental criteria. Refer to the " BS Information Packet" on this page.

Due to limited University resources and budget restrictions, STUDENTS WHO WANT TO CHANGE TO THE PRE-NURSING MAJOR should check the website after January 1st, 2015 for updated information.

Application Packet Fall 2015

The BS Nursing Application and the cover sheet/self-checklist are listed below. We will accept Fall 2015 BS Nursing applications beginning January 16, 2015. The deadline is at 4:00 PM Monday, February 16th, 2015. You may take the WST in FEB 2015, if preregistered with the testing office at SJSU Be sure to collect all documentation materials and be near a computer and PRINTER, to do the online application. At the end of completing the online application you will submit a printed copy of the application (along with a mailed copy , or hand-delivered set after Jan 28th, with all attachments including official sealed TRANSCRIPTS of all colleges attended. These include SJSU, and the student's self-checklist-

DIRECTIONS: Go to BSN Nursing: APPLICATION for Fall 2015 to complete online application for Fall class. Attach checklist below to mailed application. (Note: you must have applied to the UNIV last Fall 2014 or are an ongoing student).