Entry-Level Master's Program

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Entry-Level MS Graduate Coordinator
Entry-Level MS Graduate Admissions Assistants

Master of Science Program

The Entry-Level Master's program curriculum is designed for students who have earned a baccalaureate degree in a discipline other than occupational therapy. It enables the student to obtain the education and degrees necessary to be eligible to practice as an occupational therapist. Once the Master of Science degree in occupational therapy is completed, the student is eligible to sit for the national certification examination. Successful completion of the examination qualifies the candidate to apply for national certification and state licensure.

We accept applications once per year beginning on October 1st. The deadline for submitting applications and application materials is on February 1st of each year. However, we recommend submitting the application as soon as possible as we admit on a rolling basis and can therefore fill the class before February 1st. We do not accept applications for the Spring semester. We only admit students for Fall admission.

photo icon with word 'new' NOTE on application submission: The Department of Occupational Therapy is transitioning to the "The Centralized Application Service for Occupational Therapy" (OTCAS) application system for the 2014/15 application period beginning October 1, 2014. We are currently working with OTCAS to finalize the process and procedures. Once everything is finalized, instructions for applying using the OTCAS system will be posted on our department website as well as on OTCAS. Please check our department website in the coming weeks for updates regarding the application process.

new Attention:  Students who applied last year and are reapplying this year must notify the Grad Asst. that you want to reactivate your application.  Send any updated documents (or any document you want to substitute in your file) directly to the OT department.  You must also reapply to the University via CSU Mentor.

update icon The following documents are to be completed through OTCAS:

1. Application/personal statement

2. Transcript submission

3. Letters of Recommendation
Note: For the Fall 2014 application period, applicants can either submit their letters of recommendation via OTCAS or send them directly to the OT Department. The online application/personal statement and official transcripts must be submitted via OTCAS unless you are reactivating your application from last year. (Also, please note: Letter of Recommendation Forms should NOT be filled out by a person completing the "Evaluation Form for Volunteer Experience”.)

Curriculum Design

The curriculum is designed to enable students to acquire the knowledge and competencies necessary to become a qualified occupational therapist within four semesters of graduate academic study and six months of internship (fieldwork). The curriculum is centered on the principle that participation in meaningful occupation promotes health, well-being, and social inclusion across the lifespan. The curriculum is composed of six clusters: Occupation—the core of the profession, Foundations for occupational therapy practice, Professional development, Practice in the community, Research and knowledge development, and Practice of occupational therapy. Classes are small in order to foster an active learning environment that will encourage students to develop strong clinical reasoning and creative problem solving capabilities. Students refine skills in selecting, evaluating, and applying information in order to engage in evidence-based practice. Throughout the program, opportunities to interact with therapists and clients in clinical and community settings enable students to apply theoretical knowledge to practice.
NOTE: Beginning in Fall 2015, all students in the OT program will be required to participate in an international experience as a part of their academic program.