Entry Level Master's Degree Program Forms

The complete Entry-Level Master's Application Packet includes the following:

  • Unofficial copy of GRE or MAT Scores
  • Sealed Volunteer Experience Forms

    photo icon with word 'new' NOTE: The Department of Occupational Therapy will be using the OTCAS (The Centralized Application Service for Occupational Therapy) application process for the 2014/2015 application period. Instructions for applying to our program can be found on our department website as well as at OTCAS. Please note the following:

    Items to be completed through OTCAS:

    A.  All sealed official transcripts

    B.  Letter of recommendation
    Note: For the Fall 2014 application period, applicants can either submit their letters of recommendation via OTCAS or send them directly to the OT Department. The online application/personal statement and official transcripts must be submitted via OTCAS unless you are reactivating your application from last year.
    Also, please note that the Letter of Recommendation Forms should NOT be filled out by a person completing the "Evaluation Form for Volunteer Experience”.

    C.  Application/personal statement

    Note: Please follow instructions on OTCAS

    Items to be submitted directly to the Department of Occupational Therapy at SJSU:

    A.  Unofficial copy of GRE or MAT scores

    B.  Sealed Volunteer Evaluation Forms

Note: The person who completes your Volunteer Evaluation Form cannot be the   same person who writes your letter of reference.

Mail the completed forms to theOccupational Therapy Department:

Department of Occupational Therapy
Attn: Entry-Level Master's Program
One Washington Square
San José, CA 95192-0059

Online Application to the University via CSUMentor