Entry Level Master's Degree Program Forms

Mail the completed Application Packet to theOccupational Therapy Department:

Department of Occupational Therapy
Attn: Entry-Level Master's Program
One Washington Square
San José, CA 95192-0059

The complete Entry-Level Master's Application Packet includes the following:

  • Unofficial copy of GRE or MAT Scores
  • Sealed Volunteer Experience Forms

    photo icon with word 'new' NOTE: The Department of Occupational Therapy will be using the OTCAS (The Centralized Application Service for Occupational Therapy) application process for the 2014/2015 application period. Instructions for applying to our program can be found on our department website as well as at OTCAS. Please note the following:

    Items to be completed through OTCAS:

    A.  All sealed official transcripts

    B.  Letter of recommendation
    Note: For the Fall 2014 application period, applicants can either submit their letters of recommendation via OTCAS or send them directly to the OT Department. The online application/personal statement and official transcripts must be submitted via OTCAS unless you are reactivating your application from last year.

    C.  Application/personal statement

    Note: Please follow instructions on OTCAS

    Items to be submitted directly to the Department of Occupational Therapy at SJSU:

    A.  Unofficial copy of GRE or MAT scores

    B.  Sealed Volunteer Evaluation Forms

Note: The person who completes your Volunteer Evaluation Form cannot be the   same person who writes your letter of reference.

Online Application to the University via CSUMentor