Online Master's Degree Course Sequence


Note: The SJSU Post-Professional Master's Degree Program is closed to new admissions.  Please visit the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) website to view other post-professional programs. For current students, the SJSU Entry-Level Masters degree program may be accessed here.


Semester One

  • Orientation Retreat Onsite (San Jose, CA)
  • OCTH 298 Supervised Independent Study: Advising and
    Progam Planning (1 unit)
  • OCTH 235 Understanding Cultural Diversity in Occupational Therapy Practice (3 units)
  • OCTH 263 Theory and Advanced Clinical Practice for Occupational Therapists (3 Units)

Semester Two

  • OCTH 274 Education for Occupational Therapists (3 units)
  • OCTH 295A Research Methodology for Occupational Therapists (3 units)

Summer I

  • Onsite Retreat (San Jose, CA)
  • OCTH 210 Seminar in Occupational Therapy (2 units)

Semester Three

  • OCTH 255 Occupational Justice (3 units)
  • OCTH 272 Management and Organizational Change for Occupational Therapists (3 units)

Semester Four

  • OCTH 204 Historical Foundations of Occupational Therapy (3 units)
  • OCTH 295B Advanced Independent Study (3 units)
  • OCTH 298 Supervised Independent Study (1 unit)

Summer II

  • OCTH 210 Seminar in Occupational Therapy (2 units)