Faculty, Staff, & Students

Note:  The SJSU Occupational Therapy Department is proud of the achievements of the almost 200 occupational therapists with bachelor's of occupational therapy degrees who earned a master of science through the post-professional master's degree program at SJSU from 2003 to 2015.

The program's final class will graduate in 2015.  Please visit the AOTA website to view other post-professional programs.

Faculty and Staff

The faculty of the Occupational Therapy Department are excellent teachers, experienced clinicians, and nationally recognized leaders and scholars in the profession. The staff involved in the Occupational Therapy Online degree are all highly motivated, knowledgable individuals dedicated to helping our students succeed.


Many graduates of the online Master's program have presented their Master's projects at state, national, and international conferences. Several graduates have published their Master's research in professional journals. Some recent publications are listed below.

Graduates at Commencement


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Research on the Online Master's Program

We have conducted two studies on the online Master's programs. The published results of these studies are referenced below.

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