MS Degree Course Descriptions

Note: The SJSU Occupational Therapy Department is proud of the achievements of the almost 200 occupational therapists with bachelor's of occupational therapy degrees who earned a master of science through the post-professional master's degree program at SJSU from 2003 to 2015.

The program's final class will graduate in 2015.  Please visit the AOTA website to view other post-professional programs.



OCTH 204 Historical Foundations of Occupational Therapy (3)

Traces the ideas, values and beliefs that have formed the basis for occupational therapy in the United States. Analyzes events and leaders who influenced the evolution of occupational therapy from its founding in 1917 to the present.

OCTH 235 Understanding Cultural Diversity in Occupational Therapy Practice (3)

The role of OT with a diverse population is examined through professional culture; the culture of poverty and cultures identified by ethnicity or lifestyle and applied to OT practice settings.

OCTH 251 Information Literacy Competence for Occupational Therapists (1)

Provides a basic understanding of how to access the published knowledge in Occupational Therapy, online and in print. Emphasis is placed on searching, evaluating, and using research and evidence-based journal literature. Health ethics covered.

OCTH 255 Occupational Justice (3)

Examines the theoretical development of social and occupational justice concepts, global citizenry and OT internationalization. Implications for practice and research are explored within the framework of the disability rights movement and the culture of poverty.

OCTH 263 Theory and Advanced Clinical Practice for Occupational Therapists (3)

Context, identity, theory, research, clinical reasoning, and personal values with a focus on evidence based practice in OT intervention and application to clinical settings. The theoretical focus is on the CMOP and OTPF.

OCTH 272 Management and Organizational Change for Occupational Therapists (3)

Ethics, leadership and management principles, program development and evaluation processes, and their roles in OT practice. Designed to give post-professional students the conceptual and practical tools needed to lead effectively and to create change in organizations.

OCTH 274 Education for Occupational Therapists (3)

Examines effective teaching theories and methods for occupational therapists to use in their clinical practice as well as in the academic and professional arena. Constructivist philosophy and learning theories are explored.

OCTH 295A Research Methodology for Occupational Therapists (3)

Research methodology for post-professional graduate students in OT. Research designs and methods and basic statistics. Critical reading and analysis for critiquing research studies, and the processes and procedures for conducting research.

OCTH 295B Advanced Independent Study (3) (Project)

The graduate project is the culmination of the graduate school experience. The student will demonstrate the ability to integrate and apply the knowledge gained in the program in the completion of an original project.

OCTH 298 Supervised independent study. (1)

Students are provided additional support to pursue individualized components of research projects.