Applying for the Online Master's Program

Note: The SJSU OT Online Masters Program will not accept a post-professional masters class for Fall 2014.  The SJSU online program will close after the current class graduates in 2015.  For more information, please call 408-924-3080 or email us at OT Online.

Admission to the Distance Master's Program in Occupational Therapy is for the Fall semester only. Applicants will be accepted on a rolling admission basis starting on October 1st. The first applicants to meet the qualifications will be accepted first. The earlier you submit your application, the better your chance of acceptance. The application period closes in June. The exact closing date varies from year to year, so please contact the department for more information. Applications cannot be accepted after that date.

You must complete applications to both the University and the Occupational Therapy department. Specific doucments are required for each application. Please see below for detailed information about the application process. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is not required for admission. Contact DMS Assistant for any questions.

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Applying to the University

  1. Apply directly to the University online at CSUMentorExternal Link that Will Take User Outside SJSU Domain
    Note: Non-US citizens do not use the "International Admissions Application;" they use the regular "Graduate Admissions Application."

    Non-US citizens: On the CSUMentor's "Personal Information" application page where it asks for "US state/territory", use the dropdown menu to click "Foreign Country"; where is asks for "Citizenship Status", use dropdown menu to select "Other visa": where it asks for "visa status", put in "U"; and where it asks for the "date issued", type in "01/01/2000".

    For Statement of Purpose, type in the words "Not applicable".
  2. Submit the following additional material to the San José State University Office of Graduate Studies and Research.
    • A copy of the official transcripts of coursework required for the degree. Effective Fall 2014, international graduate applicants are required to submit a WES (World Education Services) ICAP, course by course evaluation.  Visit the Graduate Admissions website for more information.
    • Pay the CSU Graduate Application fee of $55. Credit card payments may be made when completing the CSUMentor online application. If paying by check, mail the check to:
          San Jose State University
          Graduate Admissions & Program Evaluation
          One Washington Square
          San Jose, CA 95192-0017

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Applying to the OT Post Professional Program

  1. Application Form: Complete and submit the departmental application for enrollment form, summary of professional achievement (resumé or CV) and personal statement to the department. This should be emailed as a PDF file to DMS Asst.
  2. Recommendations:
    a. Complete the Right of Access to Letter of Recommendation for each reference.  A PDF copy should be emailed to each referee and to Yvonne Soria-Ramirez.
    b. Referee should go online to download the letter of recommendation form OR the applicant may send a downloaded copy (or link) to the referee. Letters of recommendation should attest to your academic ability, work performance record, and personal attributes necessary for graduate studies.
  3. If applications and letters of recommendation cannot be emailed, they may be mailed* to the department:

    San José State University
    Department of Occupational Therapy
    Attn: Online Master's Program
    One Washington Square
    San Jose, CA 95192-0059

    *Mailed recommendations should be mailed directly from the person who is making the recommendation, and not from the student.*

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Tuition for the 2013-2014 academic year is $650.00* per unit. The program consists of a total of 30 units.

Additional costs include books, transportation and accommodations for the on-campus retreats, and a program fee of $350* for each on-campus retreat. Additional expenses may include the cost of upgrading computer systems and internet access to meet program guidelines.

*Fees subject to change.

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Eligibility for the Program

This Post-professional Master's program is designed for practicing occupational therapists. Please see the eligibility criteria below. Applicants must have:

  1. A four year Bachelors degree in occupational therapy from an ACOTE-accredited Occupational Therapy program.
  2. Two years of experience working as an OTR (US) or as a qualified occupational therapist (outside of US)
  3. GPA of 2.8 or better in undergraduate work.
  4. You must be able to attend the on-site retreat in San Jose, CA for orientation.

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International Applicants

Applicants who have completed their Occupational Therapy training outside of the U.S. must meet the following eligibility requirements in addition to the requirements described above:

  • Have a four-year Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in Occupational Therapy. Please note that a diploma or a 3 year baccalaureate degree is not sufficient to qualify for graduate admissions.
  • Receive a passing score on one of the three approved tests of English proficiency within the past 2 years. An English-language proficiency exam is required for all students who graduated from a higher education institution in a country in which the primary language is not English. The minimum required TOEFL score is 89 (internet based).

Go to GAPE (Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations) International Applicants for accepted English proficiency exams and other application information. Please note that students in the online program are not eligible for F-1 student visas. Students residing outside the U.S. must obtain a tourist or short-term visitor visa to attend the onsite retreats. Completion of this Master's degree program may confer eligibility to sit for the National Board of Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) registration examination, which is required to practice occupational therapy in the United States. Contact NBCOTExternal Link that Will Take User Outside SJSU Domain for more information on the Occupational Therapist Eligibility Determination process.

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Personal Statement

In 300 words or less describe why you are applying for the SJSU Distance Master of Science degree in Occupational Therapy program and what this graduate study would mean to your professional development.

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Summary of Professional Achievement

Since this graduate program is intended for experienced professionals, we are particularly interested in knowing about your clinical and managerial experience and potential as well as your contributions to the profession and practice of occupational therapy. Complete each section in 200 words or less. A current resumé or CV may be substituted for this summary.

  1. Leadership - Describe the leadership you have exercised at work (e.g., team or department head) and in state or national professional organizations (if applicable)
  2. Presentations and Publications - List any in-service and professional presentations you have made and describe your audience. Describe any publications you may have written and where they were published. Please enclose one of the publications that you feel exemplifies your work. (Note: It is not required that you have published.)
  3. Awards and Recognition - Describe any professional honors that you have received.
  4. Professional Development - Describe your clinical and managerial experience, in chronological order beginning with the present. Particularly highlight what you feel are your greatest contributions to the profession.

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