The Curriculum

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Note: The SJSU OT Online Masters Program is now closed for admissions.  For information, please contact us at OT Online.

The curriculum is intended to provide advanced knowledge of occupational therapy theory and practice, management, education and research. Courses in theory and practice will enable you to reflect on your own clinical reasoning and acquire new ways to think about your practice. Courses in management and education will provide you with an opportunity to examine current health care and education issues and to increase your leadership effectiveness. The research course will enable you to design and implement clinical outcome studies, conduct needs assessments, or program evaluation.

The curriculum is planned so that you can complete your degree in four semesters plus two summers, taking 6-7 units per semester. A cohort-based model is used. A cohort of 16-20 students is admitted each Fall semester and the cohort proceeds through the program sequentially.

The curriculum is sequenced so that you begin the first semester with courses that provide the context for understanding occupational therapy theory, values and education. The second semester introduces you to research methods and allows you to examine the effect of diversity on health care practice. The third semester expands your understanding of occupational justice as well as management, program development and organizations. The fourth semester provides an opportunity to study the history of the profession and the structure to complete your graduate Master's project. Each summer you will enroll in a 2 unit seminar course that addresses current and emerging topics in occupational therapy theory and practice. All courses are three credits unless otherwise noted.

The culminating activity of the program is completion of the Master's project. Students apply the knowledge gained in the program to create a product of scholarly and practical significance. A wide variety of student projects are acceptable including outcome studies, needs assessments, program development, creation of educational material, or scholarly exploration of occupational therapy and practice. The project advisor guides the student through the process of completing the Master's project. Students prepare a poster presentation of their projects for the final onsite retreat.