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The Department of Occupational Therapy has announced its plan to discontinue the BS in OT (Pattern I -- BS/MS track) effective Fall 2013.  While in the discontinuation process the Department has authorized the campus to remove this degree program from CSU Mentor in Fall 2012 so that entering students will not be confused or misled. 

Students who are currently at SJSU and have been pursuing the BS in OT, as well as those entering SJSU in Fall 2012, may still pursue and complete this degree; please see the advising link for instructions on how to proceed.  Students entering a California Community College through this year (Fall 2012), who maintain continuous enrollment in pursuit of the BS OT, may still pursue and complete this degree if they transfer to SJSU; please see the advising section below for instructions on how to proceed. 

Students seeking this degree should be aware that the State of California requires an MS OT as a minimum for licensure in California.  The department has an alternative degree program to prepare students to successfully prepare for the MS OT and subsequent licensure.  If your goal is to become a licensed Occupational Therapist in California, please contact the department about your options before making your choice of major.

The department will continue to offer group and individual advising sessions to assist students in planning a program of study that will allow them to complete their bachelor's degree in a timely manner and prepare them to apply to the occupational therapy Master's degree program (Entry-level Masters).  It is important for each student to attend advising sessions in order to plan their optimal academic program. Please check this website for dates and times of advising sessions.  You can also contact the undergraduate assistant, Jessica Reid.

Please note that these changes do not affect the Entry-Level Master’s (ELM) program. Prerequisite courses and other application requirements remain the same. Specific information about the ELM program can be found by clicking on this link.  You can also contact the graduate admissions coordinator, Gigi Smith.

Advising Information for Undergraduate Occupational Therapy Majors

With the discontinuation of the Bachelor’s degree program in occupational therapy (OT), the OT department is committed to supporting undergraduates students who have declared a major in OT in completing their undergraduate degree in a timely manner and preparing themselves to apply to the Entry-Level Master’s program in OT. We have scheduled several advising sessions for Fall semester 2014.

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Are you an undergraduate student who is interested in learning more about the field of Occupational Therapy while getting more involved on campus? Then the Pre-Occupational Therapy Club is right for you! Learn about the diverse and growing field of OT while learning more about the Entry Level Master’s Program and networking with other students with similar interests. The Pre-OT Club meets once a month and hosts many different activities throughout the school year. Anyone is welcomed to join the club. Please contact the President of the Pre-OT Club, Lauren Crane, if you are interested in becoming a member or have any questions.

*Attention non-OT majors interested in pursuing a career in occupational therapy. There are two information meetings scheduled designed to cover key points for pursuing a future career in occupational therapy, including how to apply for the Entry Level Master’s (ELM) program here at SJSU. All information sessions will be held at the Central Classroom Building (CCB) 210 except as indicated.  Hope to see you there!
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Entry Level Masters (ELM) Information Sessions (open to all)
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photo icon with word 'new' Please come to an informational meeting to learn more about how what is required to apply to the Entry Level Master's Program in Occupational Therapy at SJSU. You can also learn more about the Pre-OT Club on campus.

                           When:  Wednesday, November 19th, 12:00 PM
                           Where:  Central Classroom Building (CCB) Rm 209

*Attention OT Majors: The following dates are the advising dates scheduled for next semester.  Please mark your calendars.  Advising is mandatory! 

                           When:  TBD
                           Where:  TBD

If you are unable to attend any of the sessions please email Professor Gigi Smith or her Graduate Assistant ASAP.  Looking forward to seeing you in the coming semester.  

OT Major Advising Sessions (Location:  All information sessions will be held at the Central Classroom Building (CCB) 210 except as indicated. OT Majors must attend an advising session this semester!

  • TBD

If you are a declared OT major and have elected to change your major, but have not been officially admitted into your new department, please notify Professor Gigi Smith via email to remove your hold.