Faculty and Staff

The Occupational Therapy Department faculty are excellent teachers, experienced clinicians, and nationally recognized leaders and scholars in the profession.

All of the faculty members are occupational therapists with advanced degrees, diverse backgrounds, specializations, interests and expertise including : physical and mental health rehabilitation, pediatrics, community mental health, gerontology, independent living skills, measurement and research, international occupational therapy, multicultural issues, the history of occupational therapy, kinesiology, infant and family mental health, psychogeriatrics, family-centered intervention, neurological rehabilitation, the social inclusion of children, job analysis, the uses of therapeutic humor, and health promotion.

Congratulations to the current chair of the Occupational Therapy department, Dr. Winifred Schultz-Krohn, for receiving the Outstanding Professor Award at San José State University!

photo of Dr. Wynn Schultz-Krohn
"Each year, San José State honors its distinguished faculty members* for their scholarship, service and teaching excellence.  The contributions of our committed, innovative faculty make San José State a great university.  I am pleased to announce the winners of the 2013-2014 faculty awards."---(SJSU) President Mohammad Qayoumi

          *Read more about this by clicking on this link.

Congratulations to Associate Professor Dr. Gigi Smith (SJSU OT alumna with a BS in 1979, MS in 2001) who will be inducted to the Roster of Fellows and awarded Fellow of the American Occupational Therapy Association at the AOTA Annual Conference in 2017 (during Spring break!) and eligible to use the initials FAOTA! This award is made in recognition of her: Excellence in Practice, Exemplary Service, and Mentoring. Read more about it by clicking on this link[pdf]. 

photo of Dr. Gigi Smith

Congratulations to Lecturer Alison George, graduate of SJSU with a masters of science degree from the OT Dept., who received the Provost Award for recognition of supporting the OT Department in working on the Departmental Writing Standards. Read more about it by clicking on this link [pdf].
                                                      photo of Alison George

Congratulations to Dr. Lela Llorens, Emeritus Professor and former Chair of the Department of Occupational Therapy, who received the California Foundation of Occupational Therapy (CFOT) 2016 Honored Lecturer award.  Dr. Llorens was the Honored Lecturer in 1985 and will be speaking on the 35th anniversary of the CFOT. *Read more about this by clicking here [pdf].

photo of Dr. Lela Llorens

Here is a short video of Dr. Llorens accepting a quilted blanket from the OT department at the recently held OTAC Conference.


Congratulations to Dr. Deborah Bolding, former director of our Post-Professional Masters Program, who received the California Foundation of Occupational Therapy (CFOT) Honored Lecturer award at the 2015 OTAC Conference.

photo of Dr. Deb Bolding


Congratulations to Dr. Pamela Richardson, former Chair of the Occupational Therapy department and one of the department's excellent faculty member. As of December 2, 2015, Dr. Richardson has officially become the Associate Dean (MPP) for CASA (College of Applied Sciences and Arts)! She brings several important skills to her roles in student success, curriculum, Faculty-Led Program (FLP) and more.

photo of Dr. Pam Richardson

All of the faculty are authors and editors, and have contributed chapters to preeminent textbooks adopted in occupational therapy programs nationally and internationally; and have written numerous articles for professional journals in occupational therapy and health related fields. Several faculty members have been recognized for their contribution to the profession of occupational therapy as Fellows of the American Occupational Therapy Association. To learn more about a specific member of the faculty, click on their name to be taken to their bio.

Department Chair                                     

Graduate Coordinator - MS in OT

  • Name:  Gigi Smith
  • Location: CCB 207
  • Phone: 408.924.3094

Undergraduate Coordinator - Pre-OT

  • Name:  Gigi Smith
  • Location: CCB 207
  • Phone: 408.924.3094

To learn more about a certain faculty member, click on their name to be taken to their biography.

2010 OT Faculty group photo

Quick Reference

Name Office Phone Email
Andonian, Lynne CCB 208 408.924.3059 Lynne.Andonian@sjsu.edu
Bewernitz, Megan CCB 111 408.924.3073 Megan.WitteBewernitz@sjsu.edu
Bolding, Deborah CCB 113 408.924.3038 Deborah.Bolding@sjsu.edu
Cara, Elizabeth CCB 113 408.924.3084 Elizabeth.Cara@sjsu.edu
Chang, Megan CCB 104 408.924.3075 Megan.Chang@sjsu.edu
George, Alison CCB 208 408.924.3095 Alison.George@sjsu.edu
Glogoski, Carolyn CCB 111 408.924.3087 Carolyn.Glogoski@sjsu.edu
Jiao, Sabiñe CCB 111 408.924.3139 Sabine.Jiao@sjsu.edu
Donna Lashgari CCB 111 408.924.3077 Donna.Lashgari@sjsu.edu
McLaughlin, Rochelle CCB 104 408.924.3089 Rochelle.Mclaughlin@sjsu.edu
Pendleton, Heidi McHugh CCB 112 408.924.3083 Heidi.Pendleton@sjsu.edu
Rodrigues, Barbara CCB 111 408.924.3074 Barbara.Rodrigues@sjsu.edu
Schultz-Krohn, Winifred CCB 204 408.924.3072 Winifred.Schultz-Krohn@sjsu.edu
Smith, Allison Paterson CCB 111 408.924.3090 Allison.Paterson@sjsu.edu
Smith, Gigi CCB 207 408.924.3081 Gigi.Smith@sjsu.edu
Teaford, Graham CCB 207 408.924.3335 Graham.Teaford@sjsu.edu
Tipton-Burton, Michelle CCB 111 408.924.3696 Michelle.Tipton-Burton@sjsu.edu
Wolf-Wiederecht, Debra CCB 220 408.924.3078 Debra.Wolf-Wiederecht@sjsu.edu


Emeritus/Emerita Faculty      
Burton, Gordon     Gordon.Burton@sjsu.edu
Killingsworth, Amy     Amy.Killingsworth@sjsu.edu
Llorens, Lela A. W.      
MacRae, Anne     Anne.Macrae@sjsu.edu 
Pedretti, Lorraine      
Schwartz, Kathleen Barker     Kathleen.Schwartz@sjsu.edu
Serrett, Karen Diasio      
Southam, Marti     Marti.Southam@sjsu.edu
Fanfa-Sullivan, Catherine CCB 205 408.924.3079 Catherine.FanfaSullivan@sjsu.edu
McDonald, Lucy CCB 203 408.924.3071 Lucy.McDonald@sjsu.edu
Ocampo, Vicky CCB 212 408.924.3086 Vicky.Ocampo@sjsu.edu
Soria-Ramirez, Yvonne CCB 220 408.924.3080 Yvonne.Soria-Ramirez@sjsu.edu