Four Year Planner

*** Major Requirements


Four Year Program Planner for Organizational Studies Majors

 Please remember that this planner is only a guide and not all major courses are offered each semester. You should take the major courses you want when they are available, especially in your junior and senior years. You may need only two courses to cover the American Institutions area (F1, F2, & F3). You may not count any SJSU Studies course for major credit. During their freshman and sophomore years, students are encouraged to explore the social sciences by taking a variety of courses and to fulfill the lower division requirements for a minor degree. Students are advised to pursue a minor degree that complements the Organizational Studies major by providing intellectual depth, especially in the social sciences, or preparation for a career (e.g. Business, Health Professions, Recreation or Hotel and Restaurant Management, Urban Studies, etc.).

        Freshman/ Sophomore

Complete Core general education requirements

Fulfill B4 by taking SOCI/SOCS 015 or STAT 095

Pass WST by end of sophomore year

Enroll in courses to explore the breadth of the social sciences

Fulfill lower division requirements for minor



Fall Semester  


Spring Semester 

  100W     1 Adv GE Area R,S or V class
  ORGS 101     ORGS 102
  1 ORGS depth class     1 ORGS depth class
  1 minor course     1 minor course
  1 PE Class     1 American Institutions class
  1 American Institutions class      
  1 Adv GE Area R, S or V class      
  17-18 units     16 units File for Graduation


ORGS 103     1 Adv GE Area R,S or V class
  2 ORGS depth classes     2 ORGS depth classes
  2 minor classes     2 minor classes
  1 PE Class      
  17-18 units     15-17 units