As part of the University Police Department, we provide the following services to the campus community:

  • Courtesy Motorist Assistance
  • Park & Ride Courtesy Shuttle
  • Safety Escort to Your Car
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Special Event Parking
  • Student, Employee & Visitor Parking Permits



  • Expect Traffic Delay and Limited Parking on Aug. 28th

Thursday, August 28th, beginning at 3pm, the Park and Ride Lot will be closed to student parking due to a SJSU Football game.  Vehicles entering the lot prior to 3pm will be allowed to remain throughout the day and evening.  Shuttle service will continue to run till 10:20pm. After 3pm, the Park and Ride drop off will be on Humboldt Street at 7th Street.

Only on August 28th, after 3pm, Park and Ride users may park in the main campus West Garage (S. 4th St and E. San Salvador St.) without a permit.

Also, occurring on August 28th, an evening concert will be held at the SJSU Event Center.  Please expect traffic delays and limited parking.


Campus Parking

Being in an urban environment, the amount of space dedicated to parking is limited. During peak periods, finding a parking space on the main campus can be difficult.                      

We encourage people coming to campus during peak times to consider using alternative transportation and/or the Park & Ride Lot across from Spartan Stadium. For more information, see Other Services.