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'H' Permits

Summer Session parking permits for on-campus residents who park overnight in the South Garage may be purchased from the Parking Services office.  On-campus residents who park in the Campus Village Garage should contact University Housing Services for summer parking arrangements.

Please print and retain your receipt in the event you need to request a temporary parking permit from the Parking Services office. 

Please print and display your temporary parking permit face up on the front driver side dashboard of your vehicle - the temporary parking permit is valid for 10 days starting from date of purchase.

If you do not receive your permit in the mail before your temporary permit expires, please visit the Parking Services office.

The 'H' permit is for on-campus residents. 'H' permits are valid only above section 2-H of the South (7th Street) Garage and at the Park & Ride Lot. The 'H' Housing permit is not valid in the Campus Village Garage at any time. Ownership of a permit is not transferable from person to person.

If you are an on-campus housing resident, do NOT purchase a 'SU' Summer Session parking permit as they are not valid for overnight parking.

'H' Parking Permit Prices
Permit Description Permit Prices
Academic Year
(Valid from mid-August through end of May. Includes Winter Session.)
(Fall or Spring. Does not include Winter Session.)
(Summer or Winter only.)

'CV' Campus Village Garage Permits

Residents of Campus Village may purchase a Campus Village Garage permit through University Housing Services. Campus Village parking permits are valid only in the Campus Village garage and at the Park & Ride Lot. Campus Village Permits are NOT VALID in the South, West or North garages. Campus Village residents are subject to all SJSU parking regulations.