Mobile Application Development

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Program Snapshot: 33 units to degree, 11 total courses, $24,750 for degree, evening & off-campus, Fall and Spring Admission. (Fees are subject to review & change)

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Internet users communicate using voice, text, multimedia streaming and document editing via mobile platforms. Handheld devices promise to dominate the future of software platforms as a result of the rapid convergence of computers and mobile phones. The use of hand-held devices to access the Internet is on the rise as computing evolves into a mobile environment. Smart phones, tablets, and ubiquitous mobile devices are driving new models of interacting with application users. New issues in security and design are arising.

With the number of mobile subscribers climbing daily, this new graduate program emphasis will prepare you for a rewarding career in this expanding field. This program is designed for individuals with work experience in software engineering. It will show you how to use the Apple Mobile Operating System (iOS) and Android platform to deliver apps, and Windows Phone 7, websites and rich media. You will learn to develop, support and maintain apps for internal and external business use.

Students interested in this area combine mobile computing courses with software engineering core and either system architecture or enterprise or networking courses to prepare themselves for mobile application engineering or enterprise level mobile application architecture responsibilities.

Program Features

  1. In-Depth Education
    The Mobile Computing Applications emphasis provides students with an in-depth understanding of the core of software engineering with in depth emphasis on mobile computing. The emphasis covers how to develop applications for mobile platforms, specifically for Apple iOS and Google Android devices. 
  2. Specialized Knowledge 
    Students investigate the differences between desktop and mobile computing. Sample mobile apps are dissected, and tool suites for the development of mobile software are covered, including programming languages.
  3. Practical Skills
    Students develop capabilities in the analysis, evaluation and implementation of Mobile Computing principles as well as the appreciation of mobile platform project development issues, including design, development, communication, management, information security, usability and related issues.

Your Career Opportunities

Mobile computing is one of the hot new IT jobs identified in a recent industry study conducted by Information World magazine. If you are creative and consider the world of computers your future, an exciting and rewarding career may be waiting for you in this dynamic field.

On completion you will be equipped with the skills to undertake a role as an application developer. This program offers a route into a rapidly-growing diverse industry which covers a range of applications from business to entertainment and advertising. As the industry continues to expand, it requires skilled practitioners. Through developing a real mobile application (or range of applications) you will be able to demonstrate both academic and practical skills.

Applying to the Program

Formal admission is required for the program. You can apply for admission in the Fall and Spring semester.

Admission Requirement:

  • A Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering/ Computer Science or related field.
  • TOEFL if required.
  • GPA 3.0 or better.
  • Conditional admissions might be granted for applicants with exceptional background and GPA less than 3.0 but greater than 2.5.
  • NO GRE/GMAT Scores required.
  • Experience in related industry preferred.

For more specific information on SJSU's admission requirements, please visit the Engineering Graduate and Extended Studies website.