Persian Studies Program

Persian: Begin Learning Persian Today

The Persian Studies Program at SJSU was established with a grant from the PARSA Community Foundation in Spring 2011. In the fall of 2012, San José State began teaching elementary Persian (Persian 96A & B), which is offered through the Department of World Languages and Literatures at SJSU. The class is geared toward both non-Iranian and heritage speakers. The instructor provides both in-class and online components to the course. This Persian language course can be used as part of the minor in Middle Eastern Studies or to fulfill any language requirements by other majors on the SJSU campus. For more information, please visit the Persian Studies Program website.


Persian 96A - Elementary Persian Language

Persian 96A is an introduction to Persian language (grammar, syntax, writing and reading, as well as conversation).


Persian 96B - Elementary Persian Language B

This course is designed to further students abilities to communicate in Persian in a wide range of cultural contexts. Emphasis is placed in further developing the students knowledge of the Persian language and culture across the Persian speaking world. Continuation of developing listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills is thought and evaluated with in-class situational and conversational practices, and through homework assignments and quizzes. Introduction of grammatical rules and verb conjunctions will allow students to develop a stronger grasp of modern Persian language.

This course is a continuation of PERS 96A (PERS 1A) and is designed for students who have some basic knowledge of Persian through self-training, travel, or have completed a course at an academic institution. Emphasis is placed in further developing the students' knowledge of culture and language and across the Persian-speaking world. (Special Session only). Prerequisite: PERS 096A or instructor consent.

Course Schedule

Course Number Class Number Units Type Days Times Location Instructor Date Fee Open Seats
PERS 96B 29831 3.0 LEC TR 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM ENGR338 Naciem Nikkhah 01/22/15 - 05/13/15 $150 Open



To register for the course, please complete the Special Session Registration Form (PDF).