Pupil Personnel Services Credential


"I am grateful for SJSU's Social Work Department in preparing me for a career I find truly fulfilling."
Past Graduate

Program Snapshot: 10 units, 3 total courses, $4,750 for program, online program, Fall Admission. (Fees are subject to review & change)

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The Pupil Personnel Services Credential prepares professionals, who have an MSW degree from an accredited program to qualify for certification with the state of California as school social workers. This is a 10 credit program- six credits of coursework that are taught online and four units of externship that is done in a school setting. Depending on prior social work experience in a school, either as a MSW student or post MSW, the externship may be potentially waived.

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Program Features

  1. Designed for working social work professionals.
  2. Available to students throughout California since courses are taught online.
  3. Experienced faculty in teaching.
  4. Externships are developed by students; thus, enabling them to fulfill this requirement in their communities.

Your Career Opportunities

This credential prepares the student to be certified as a school social worker in California. This certification offers more opportunities in the field of school social work.

Success Stories

Quotes from past PPSC program participants:

"I currently work for a public interest law firm, working as an educational social worker for their Transition Age Foster Youth program. The PPSC program helped me gain the necessary knowledge for this position as they were searching for someone who was informed on the educational policies that pertain to foster youth while having knowledge of social work practice."

"The PPSC program and my internship worked together to prepare me for my current position. I work directly with clients creating future educational plans with them and I also advocate for my clients in a variety of ways."

"It was my ticket in the door to a school social work job!

"Although my title is not School Social Worker, I am doing exactly what I was trained to do in SJSU's PPSC program."

"I feel more confident in my current position as a school social worker to support clients and families due to this program. I was hired by the school I interned for immediately after graduation. I am grateful for SJSU's Social Work Department in preparing me for a career I find truly fulfilling."

Applying to the Program

Admission Requirement:

  • MSW degree from an accredited school of social work.
  • Official transcripts from all graduate programs.
  • Current resume.
  • Personal statement.
  • Three letters of reference.

Request for waiver of externship require applicants to demonstrate that they have had school experience within the last seven years either as an internship or post MSW and complete required documentation.

For more information, please visit the School of Social Works website.

For you to participate and receive credit from online classes at San Jose State University, your state of residence must have a reciprocity agreement in place with CSU. This agreement provides online students with consumer protection. For a complete list of participating states and details on the regulation, please visit http://www.sjsu.edu/extend/state-auth/.