Wolcott, Abraham

Abraham Wolcott

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry

1 Washington Square

San Jose State University

San Jose, CA 95192



BS Chemistry, UC Santa Cruz, 2003

Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, UC Santa Cruz, 2009 (Advisor: Prof. Jin Z. Zhang)

NSF Postdoctoral Scholar, UT Austin, 2009-2011 (Advisor: Prof. Zhao Yang Zhu)

Joint Postdoctoral Scientist, Columbia University and MIT, 2011-2014, (Advisors: Profs. Jonathan S. Owen and Dirk R. Englund)


The Wolcott laboratory is interested in studying the surfaces of both bulk and nanoscale materials. To study these surfaces we use laboratory techniques such as DRIFTS, Raman spectroscopy and XPS. We also use synchrotron based techniques such as near edge X-ray absorption fine structure (x-ray absorption) and wavelength-dependent XPS. Researchers in the Wolcot lab perform their work at San Jose State University, Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource and the Molecular Foundry at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.