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Time: M, W 12:00 - 1:15 PM
Location: Clark Hall 111


In this course, students will explore opportunities to prepare for a career in professional writing, publishing, or communications, or to apply to an MFA program. Students will bring into the course a small portfolio of their previously written creative work, preferably in two genres. Class members will revise older work as well as write new poems, short stories, and/or works of creative nonfiction. By the end of the course, class members will have completed a short manuscript in two genres, which can be used to apply to an MFA program or submit to publications.

We will also explore a range of literary journals—from locally published print and online publications to nationally distributed print and online magazines—and learn the protocols for submitting one’s writing to be published. Readings will include poetry by Billy Collins, Louise Gluck, D.A. Powell, and Joy Harjo; short fiction by George Saunders, Karen Russell, and Denis Johnson, and nonfiction by Rebecca Solnit. In addition to assigned readings, class members will participate in class book clubs, in which you’ll read additional contemporary work in two genres—poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. You will discuss what you’re reading in the book clubs with other club members online via the Canvas learning management system to think about what’s trending in the field. Book club members will report about what they are reading to the whole class through blogs and in-class group presentations.

This class meets in the Incubator Classroom and will utilize the latest digital tools from Canvas, Google, and other platforms. ENGL 193C is the culminating seminar for Creative Writing concentrators that should be taken by seniors or second semester juniors. It is required for the B.A. in the CW Concentration. 3 units.

ENGL 193C Syllabus

Syllabus for ENGL 193C: Capstone Seminar: Creative Writing and Self Reflection.