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ENGLISH 240: GRADUATE POETRY WORKSHOP: Lyric Poery and Writing Song Lyrics

Time: M 7:00 - 9:45 PM
Location: Clark Hall 111


English 240 is an MFA-level poetry workshop in which students will write, revise, and complete new poems. The course will include regular discussions of poetics and the theory and craft of poetry, as well as an examination of trends in contemporary poetry in the United States and internationally. Students will also learn to how submit poems for publication in small magazines, literary journals, and Web sites.

This semester’s workshop theme is “Singing School”: Lyric Poetry and Song Lyrics. In this semester's workshop, we will explore the links and blurred boundaries between lyric poetry and song lyrics (in pop, rock, jazz, and new classical genres). Students will create a portfolio containing at least eight new original poems, two of which that are written as or could be converted into song lyrics.

Students will also write weekly blog entries based on close readings of assigned poems and song lyrics (from print and online sources); in addition, students will be required to give two in-class presentations on examples from a poet’s or poet/songwriter’s work. We will practice close reading and evaluating published poems and lyrics in the workshop, in addition to critiquing class members’ original poems and lyrics. Students who are not enrolled in the MFA program should send samples of their poetry and/or song lyrics to the instructor to receive permission to enroll in the workshop.

Course Documents

ENGL 240 course syllabus, Spring 2014.