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Time: Monday Wednesday 12:00 - 1:15 PM
Location: Clark 111
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Workshop in verse forms and poetic craft. Study of traditional and contemporary models. (May be repeated for credit.)

COURSE THEME: “Stand Up Poems” are works especially suited for oral presentation. The term was coined to describe the kind of vernacular poetry that became popular at Southern California readings in the 1980s. Characteristics important to Stand Up Poetry are: humor, performability, accessibility, natural language, a strong individual voice, direct revelation of emotion, and enthusiastic inclusion of commonplace subject matter and popular culture. These are poems meant to be enjoyed either on the page or on stage—and that “stand up” even after they’ve become familiar to readers and audiences.

Class members are required to write at least three poems during the semester intended for oral or digital video or audio performance as well as to be read on the page. With the prevalence and ease of using digital technology and social media, you might make a YouTube video of yourself reading or performing your poem to share with class members in order to better workshop the poem. Audio and video files can be posted on the workshops Google Site.

Course Documents

ENGL 131: Poetry Writing Greensheet (PDF), and other important course documents.