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Time: M 7:00 - 9:45 PM
Location: Clark Hall 111
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English 201C: Methods and Materials of Literary Production

This course introduces Creative Writing graduate students to the resources, traditions, techniques, and culture associated with the field of Creative Writing in the digital era, both inside and outside academia. The class will study the role of the individual writer within the literary and academic communities, and explore various forms of literary activity that commonly support "the literary life." A creative writer's work is both a personal journey toward increasingly masterful artistic expression as well as an increasing understanding of what the literary world requires of a writer as a professional.

In 201C students will learn to use and evaluate dominant and alternative literary magazines and publishers, book review indexes, academic journals, and online and other electronic resources. Students will produce a brief annotated bibliography of a contemporary writer as well as research the history of a literary magazine. Students will also write a book review, a personal essay, a conference paper, and a book proposal. By means of this course, they will learn to apply their knowledge of these of real-world tasks to their own writing, in their other courses, and in fulfilling the MFA requirements. This course is a co-requisite for students in the MFA program to be taken with their first graduate writing workshop or first graduate literature seminar. The course fulfills the Graduate Studies requirement in written communication.

Course Documents

Class members can find the course Greensheet and other instructional materials on the 201C Canvas Homepage.