SJSU Campus (well, most of it)

SJSU campus

This aerial photo views the campus from the southwest. The white tower in the middle is the Business Tower and the building to its right is the Business Classroom building; both are on Tenth Street between San Fernando and San Carlos (the eastern border of the campus). The building in front of and to the left of the Business Tower is the Student Union. The building with the red slanted roof on the right side of the photo is the Event Center. The building with the smaller red slanted roof on the left side of the building is the Clark Library. The parking structure to the far left of the Business Tower also houses Student Services on the lower level. The white u-shaped building in the lower right is Duncan Hall. Above Duncan Hall is the 7th Street Garage and below it is the 4th Street Garage.

This photo was taken on Sunday November 15, 1998 (that's why there are parking spaces available at the top of the 10th Street, 7th Street and 4th Street garages).

Campus map.

Polish translation by Weronika Pawlak.

Last Modified: Aug 14, 2018