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BME 198B Senior Design (Spring 2014)

Time: Friday 9:00 AM - 12:45 PM
Location: ENGR 340


The senior design project is a critical component of the BME student experience. It is a capstone or culminating experience for the program and serves as a synthesis point for concepts presented across the BME curriculum. Students will be asked to integrate knowledge from their broad educational experience and condense this into a cohesive research or design project. Because of the broadly interdisciplinary nature of the biomedical engineering field, students are encouraged to form groups and design teams with senior design students in other departments. This two-semester sequence (BME 198A and BME 198B) is centered on a design experience wherein students – either individually or in teams – identify a problem or need within the field of biomedical engineering, propose a solution, execute their proposal, and report their results in a professional and scientific manner. Workshops and in-class activities will train students in engineering design practice; project identification and scheduling, evaluation and identification of design constraints including economic, environmental, ethical, safety, social, and political considerations; design of experiments; critical review of relevant literature; project/time management; and communication skills. At the end of the second semester, students are expected to have completed development, prototyping, and testing of their designs from BME 198A. Testing should be followed up with redesign, secondary prototyping, and retesting to demonstrate improved performance. Over the course of the semester, progress updates will build presentation skills and ensure continued progress toward meeting project milestones.

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