Time: Thursday 6:00pm-8:45pm

Location: DH503 2/7/13 and subsequently (except if notified otherwise)

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This is a special topics course that includes elements of a workshop and seminar. Emphasis will be on providing students the background and practical experience with relevant computational/theoretical methods that allow independent inquiry. The course also delves into the underlying theory for a range of bioinformatics applications, including sequence searching, molecular modeling and arrays. But as a graduate class in Chemical Engineering, this includes approaches to large-scale data analysis. The course is built around the examination of key references as well as presentations of cutting-edge research methods and results from SJSU and associated faculty. In addition multi-disciplinary groups will consult the most current literature in order to develop a coordinated set of review/grant proposals that will include some preliminary results and/or specific methods. Individual interaction, including feedback from the instructors, is also emphasized.


See D2L, please.

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