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English 1B, Section 38

Time: Tuesday, Thursday 3:00pm - 4:15pm
Location: Sweeney Hall 345


In English 1B, your assignments will emphasize the skills and activities in writing and thinking that produce both the persuasive argument and the critical essay. Each of these demands analysis, interpretation, and evaluation. These assignments will give you repeated practice in prewriting, organizing, writing, revising, and editing. Your writing assignments will total a minimum of 8000 words and this word requirement will be met by writing a sequence of six to eight essays. At least one of your essays will require research. This 8000-word minimum does not include the final exam, quizzes, journals, or any brief or informal assignments but can include any major revisions of essays or assignments. A major revision is defined as rethinking or reworking an assignment rather than just correcting grammatical or structural errors. How your 8000-word minimum will be met will be clearly indicated on your greensheet.

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