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Carol C. Mukhopadhyay

Mukhopadhyay, Carol C.

Emeritus Faculty,  Anthropology

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Areas of Expertise: Anthropology

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  • Doctor of Philosophy, Anthropology
    Univ Of Cal-Riverside, California, United States, 1980
  • Masters Degree, Anthropology
    CSU-Los Angeles, California, United States, 1972
  • Secondary Teaching Credential, Education
    Univ Of Cal-Berkeley, California, United States, 1965
  • Bachelors Degree, History
    Univ Of Cal-Berkeley, California, United States, 1964

Expertise Summary

Cultural diversity, especially race/ethnicity/gender, in educational contexts. Gender and culture, Gendered Science [especially academic and career choices and persistence]; Family [Patrifocal Family Systems, U.S. and India], Culture and Human Sexuality, Culture-Language-Cognition [Cultural Models].