Physics Education Research Group

PER faculty: Cassandra Paul, PhD (Cassandra.Paul at sjsu dot edu)

Postdoctoral Researcher: Katrina Roseler, PhD (Katrina.Roseler at sjsu dot edu)

Master's Students Department / Program Thesis Title / Area of Interest Graduation Year Contact
Andrew Reid Physics & Astronomy Assessment/ RIOT & SPOT Development Spring 2015 (projected) agreid35@
Eric Hickok Physics & Astronomy Teaching Assistant Interactive Engagement Fall 2015 (projected) eric.hickok@
Annie Chase Physics & Astronomy Grading and Feedback in intro Physics Spring 2017 (projected)
Kate Nichols Science Education Gamified Activities in a High School Physics Classroom: An analysis of their impact on student learning, engagement, and attitudes toward Physics Spring 2013 La Salle College Prep OR
Debbie Sater Science Education Student use of Feedback in HS Spring 2015 (projected) dsater@


Undergraduate Students Department / Program Research Project Graduation Year Contact
Zairac Smith Physics & Astronomy RIOT & SPOT Developement Fall 2015 (projected) zairac.smith@
Celeste Ma Biology SPOT analysis Spring 2015 (projected) celeste.qma@
Stephanie Lorelli Physics & Astronomy SPOT analysis Srping 2017 (projected) slorelli@