Prof. Choo's Teaching Schedule/Portfolio – Fall 2016


Digital Logic Circuit Design (Formerly Digital Design I; aka Computer Organization and Logic Design) 

       EE118-07: Tue, Thu, 1:30pm-2:45pm, Sweeney Hall 345 (Lecture)

Digital Logic Circuit Design Lab - Lab Coordinator

Digital Advanced Digital Design for DSP & Communications (formerly FPGA DSP System Design)

       EE278: Mon, Wed, 4:30pm-5:45pm, ENG-331(Lecture)

Advanced Computer Architecture

       EE275: Tue, Thu, 6pm-7:15pm, ENG-329 (Lecture) 

Computer Organization

       EE176: Last Taught in Spring 2011

Digital Image Processing

       EE263: Last Taught Off-Campus in Summer 2012

Advanced Logic Design

       EE270: Last Taught in Fall 2007

Digital Design with FPGAs

       EE178: Last Taught in Fall 2013


2-/3-Day Workshop on DSP and Image/Video Processing and Compression on FPGA 

Offered occasionally at FPGA/DSP Lab, or on-site on request.

Please contact Prof. Choo for the upcoming workshop.

A short course was offered at the SPIE Electronic Imaging Conference on  January 19, 2009,  and on January 18, 2010, in San Jose, CA.