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Global Studies 1A

Time: T/Th 1:30 pm - 2:45 pm
Location: Clark Hall 303


This course introduces students to the study of globalism and globalization, and its various components, through an interdisciplinary framework.  This class explores the impacts of globalism and globalization around the world, how scholars explain their appearance, and how the academic disciplines work with the phenomena that comprise globalization.  These will emphasize key perspectives: economic, political, social, cultural, religious, and communications.  In the last part of the course, students will develop their own thoughts on a focused aspect of globalization and will discuss some of the key debates and controversies in the field today.  Incorporated into this class will be guest lectures by other professors and professionals on various topics, as well as educational films regarding various issues and occurrences. 


Here are your group project and term paper assignments for the semester.