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Sociology 174 Sexualities

Time: Thurs 6:00 pm - 8:45 pm
Location: DMH 161


This course is an adventure into the variety of experiences of emotion, desire, and pleasure.  It is an attempt at arriving at a critical understanding of human sexuality, love, domination, sex, desire, and social justice.  As such, we will be taking a look at historical phenomena and trends that impact our current understanding of sexuality in public and private spheres, as well as generating insights from sociological theory.  We are going to explore questions such as “why does the exploitation of human sexuality, diversity, desire, and pleasure continue to exist within our social relations, despite our commitment to freedom, liberty, and equality?”  “How do laws regarding abortion, prostitution, pornography, and consensual sexual activities of adults contribute to conditions of injustice and infringements upon human dignity, privacy, freedom of choice, and pursuit of happiness?”  Finally, “is it possible to have a relationship in which both participants are subjects – both empowered and mutually respectful?”


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Here is the greensheet (syllabus) for the course, as well as additional course readings